Our favorite scenographic style is that of the wooden structures in which the architectonical and the skeleton are in sight, in order to fulfill both functional and aesthetically pleasing.



We give it special attention to theatrical stages. We learned the technique from maestro Perocco and we started to make them of various sizes, to set them in different styles, to study how to make them as much as possible dismountable, modular and multifunctional. They can be used simply as stages or be a real scenography, they can have their stands, lofts, wings, balconies, climbs, descents, ramps, trapdoors. And they can be used as scenography on the stage of a theater as well as being placed in a square to transform it into a theater.


The accessories made by us follow the same artistic line of our masks and our scenographies, realized using poor materials (rope, recovery fabrics, shells, sea woods, stones, scrap metal, electrical material, etc.) and of course the leather that by its nature and characteristic it makes it possible to realize any accessory and to set it in order to make it look like metal, wood, stone or other.