Another of the prevailing activities is that of training. This happens in different ways.

Through the courses we regularly hold at the venue, the Atelier of the Theater and the Arts, in Milan, open to all, professionals, amateurs and newcomers. But also through the seminars we regularly organize at the Accademia dell’Arte di Arezzo, at the Avignon Theater Festival in July, in our masters for art school students and everywhere we are called to bring our experience and our philosophy .

Obviously we teach the construction of the theatrical mask, especially in leather, but also all the other techniques, scenographic and actorial, that we use internally to the association: courses of scenography, sculpture, realization of costumes and accessories and finally of Commedia dell ‘ Art.

The latter in particular is taught while trying to adapt it to the issues dear to the current society and the needs of the participants, with a natural propensity for multi-ethnicity.